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Feeling Sounds

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Relaxation and Meditation - also available online

Mastering your mind and thoughts with ancient sounds. 

Welcome to Feeling Sounds offering a relaxing form of meditation based on the ancient Buddhist traditions using Tibetan singing bowls.

 Singing bowls workshop

The quality of your thoughts determines the qualitiy of your life. How we think and feel about the events in our lives, our reactions, are within our control and depend on the ability to maintain a calm mind. A detached mind is the key to relieving stress and helping your body rebalance naturally. 

Tibetan singing bowls are soothing and create a healing state of consciousness through accessing a meditative state. These states of deep relaxation create spaces, intervals, where the soothing sounds and thought exercises help the mind and body to regenerate and enjoy a resourceful state.


Durrus Mind Body Spirit Meditations 


Whilst the sound of bowls has a soothing effect and invokes a healing state of consciousness, the therapist can also put the bowls directly on the body where their vibrations ease stiff or aching joints or muscles.

An "aura scan" informs each session and helps determine the best and most appropriate combination of bowls and exercises on an individual basis.

An example of an Aura Scan 

A session always involves some still or silent meditation and is extremely relaxing. Sometimes visualisation complements a guided meditation to help the process. This depends entirely on the needs of the client.

Sessions are very informal but remain within the professional boundaries of such complementary therapies. I keep all discussion and recording in the strictest confidence.


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Simple Breathing Meditation

This is a very short example of a guided breathing meditation. Use headphones or stereo loudspeakers to listen, sitting in a comfortable chair or lying down. Start at a low volume and increase it to a comfortable level. Then simply allow yourself to relax and enjoy the sounds.

Please don't listen whilst driving or operating machinery of any sort.

“The one thing I miss most after moving away from Cork is Julian’s Singing Bowls treatments. His

work is outstanding. Highly recommended.”

Frank, Galway