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History and Origins of Tibetan Singing Bowls

Mastering your mind and thoughts with sound healing.

The history of the Tibetan singing bowls goes back into ancient rites and old religions - beyond memory. The soothing sonorous music they create has been used for both ceremonial and ritualistic purposes. The bowls come from the general area of India and Asia but some form of bowl exists throughout the whole area, including China and Japan, and only varies slightly from region to region. The majority of bowls known as ‘Tibetan’ singing bowls actually come from Nepal and can still be found there in abundance.

As the bowls are often associated with Shamanistic rites there is a lot of secrecy surrounding their original purpose. Lama Chokya Nima Rinpoche, however, has encouraged a revival of the use of the bowls as a meditation tool. After founding the Kopan monastery in Kathmandu he acquired a full set of bowls for this purpose. It is his system that is used at Feeling Sounds and in its original form.

The bowls used at Feeling Sounds comprise a complete set that loosely equates to the western seven note scale (though it would be a mistake to think of their frequencies in such exact terms). The large bowls provide the strong and healing vibrations for healing and the small bowls help attune and focus the mind for meditation. The meditations are also available in the online shop.

"It was utterly amazing, especially being inundated by the sounds and feeling my body

vibrate with it, completely oblivious of what's around me..."

Pascale, Midleton